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Since 1997, Farrell Insulation continues to be a leading insulation and weatherization company that specializes in delivering comprehensive conservation programs and solutions to commercial, residential and multi-family customers throughout the United States. We passionately pursue avenues for residences and businesses to implement energy saving projects that will save time and money— this is the Farrell Insulation Advantage that sets us apart from our competitors.


Our residential services vary by state and current utility rebates. In most cases, our residential services include attic insulation, duct sealing and duct replacement or repair.


Farrell Insulation is capable of servicing your commercial business regardless of size. From a corner-side coffee shop to a 45,000 SqFt church, we can accommodate.


Farrell Insulation has helped several multi-family apartment complexes along the east coast reduce their tenants’ heating and cooling costs by adding attic insulation and performing full duct seals.


Farrell Insulation has years of experience working with different utility companies and conservation groups across the eastern United States.


Insulation Services

Adding attic insulation helps reduce energy costs to the customer by increasing the R-value of pre-existing insulation in the attic.
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Duct Repair Services

We can handle all your duct repair and replacement needs, both big and small.
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Weatherization Services

Help improve the energy efficiency of your home or business.
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Specializing in New Construction Insulation and Weatherization Services


We understand that trust is an important factor when choosing a contractor or partner for your program. Farrell Insulation works with a number of energy conservation programs across the United States.

What Sets Us Apart?


We are an organization of energy efficiency experts committed to partnering with residential and commercial property owners to implement energy saving programs to any building’s energy footprint and reducing its costs.  From energy audits to insulation, weatherization and duct work, we offer a suite of services to improve overall energy efficiency.  Working with local power companies and non-profits in assisting low income families, the elderly and our nation’s veterans to reduce their power usage and ultimately lower bills.

A rock solid business plan and fortified vendor partnerships guarantee that you will receive the most competitive solution in the industry.

Our experienced management team has built a business you can stand behind. We strive to meet all goals well in advance of their deadlines.

A turnkey business model allows us the flexibility to set up services any where in the United States.

Farrell Insulation can help you with all your energy conservation needs, including new construction and weatherization. Whether you are a home or business owner seeking ways to lower your energy costs, or a utility company seeking guidance for your next conservation project, we can help.

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About clients reviews


Kerri WalkerDirector of Energy Conservation Programs, Project Homes
Mr. Johnson just called me from Liberation.  As he put it “Kathy and I are jumping for joy!”  Their last monthly electric bill before the DVP work was complete $ 1,700.00.  They just opened the first bill since the completion of the DVP work - Total bill $ 898.00!!!  Not a bad Savings to Investment Ratio there folks.  😉 So to each and every one of you thanks for your piece in making this happen.  Thanks for helping to schlep blower doors, haul ladders, run cords, untangle reference hoses and trouble shoot.  Many thanks for countless diagnostic trips, inventing new testing protocol for this unique building, and pushing on until we felt confident in the test results and final recommendations.  Bravo for thinking outside the box to help air seal this great structure, route exhaust fans and reduce the lighting base load while trying to maintain the historic integrity of this ole building. It is nice once and awhile to get out of the trenches of our everyday work, look around and realize your efforts make a difference in our backyard.  When you see the vets walking up and down that Hull Street section – remember you lent a hand to a worthy group.  It is nice to know the savings we all helped create will let the staff at Liberation put $ to work in other meaningful ways. It truly is gratifying to work with all of you in making a difference.  Job well done.  Congratulations.
M. Pinson Neal IIICEO, Landmark Property Services
Farrell insulation Inc. has insulated over a thousand apartment units in Virginia and North Carolina for Landmark Property Services Inc. over the past decade. Their knowledge of utility company programs assist in offsetting expenses in this effort. Our tenants have received the benefit of this work with lower heating and cooling bills, which decreases turnover and increases the bottom line for our apartment owners. Farrell Insulation Inc. completes their work in a workman-like manner. I highly recommend them for insulation needs.


At Farrell Insulation, we believe that understanding every aspect of our industry is essential to our success. For this reason, we sought out some of the best minds with the best certifications to join our team and have developed a staff qualified to take on any energy conversation and weatherization project.

  • Advanced Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Certification
  • Master Electrician Certification
  • BPI Certified Managers and Technicians
  • CDSM (Certified Demand Side Management) Certification
  • Class A Air Conditioning License
  • General Contractor License
  • CEM (Certified Energy Manager) Certification
  • Local & County-Specific Insulation Licenses