2013 Triangle Apartment Association Trade Show – Come See Us!

We have a booth at the 2013 Triangle Apartment Association Trade Show. It has been a great turn out! So swing by our booth and say hello to Ronnie, he doesn’t bite. We are at this conference to tell property owners about our services. Several clients at this conference have used our services to reduce their tenants’ heating and cooling costs and their property maintenance costs.

How does that work?

Glad you asked. By utilizing services such as insulation and duct sealing, they are doing more than just saving their tenants money, they are saving themselves on equipment maintenance and replacement costs. This is achieved by reducing the run-time of their A/C systems. Less run-time equals less opportunity for a malfunction. But wait, here’s the kicker. We provided these services at no charge. Intrigued? Take a look at what we can offer to our multi-family clients if you would like to learn more, or swing by our Triangle Apartment Association trade show booth. Enjoy the show!