Utility Companies / Conservation Groups



We understand that trust is an important factor when choosing a contractor or partner for your program. Farrell Insulation works with a number of energy conservation programs across the United States.

  • Utility-Minded Specialization

    Farrell Insulation has years of experience working with different utility companies and conservation groups across the eastern United States. These relationships have made us well-adept in conservation program efficiency. We have developed a number of techniques, strategies and networks that can help you develop and/or administer a weatherization program that will guarantee your annual KwH reduction goals are met.
  • Mobility

    Our business model has been fine-tuned to grant us logistical flexibility. We define logistical flexibility as the ability to establish a Farrell Insulation branch in a very short period of time.
  • Adaptability

    If you have already developed a weatherization program and are in need of an insulation contractor that can deliver, you’ve come to the right place. Simply contact us via one of the available methods on our site and we will arrange to discuss your Utility’s program and determine how we can be of assistance.


Columbia Gas of Virginia – WarmWise Promotion

WarmWise is an energy efficiency program run by Columbia Gas of Virginia. This program helps their residential and business customers save money by taking measures to help reduce their natural gas usage.

Our Involvement

Farrell Insulation has partnered with Columbia Gas to help facilitate their Warm Wise program in the state of Virginia. We provide our insulation services to all eligibleresidential and commercial customers.

Duke Power – Smart $aver®

Duke Power’s Smart $aver® rebates offer their customer a number of energy efficient rebates to help their customers reduce their energy costs.

Our Involvement

Farrell Insulation has partnered with Duke Power in North Carolina as a pre-qualified contractor in their Smart $aver® rebate program. We offer both our insulationand full system duct seal. These services are available to both residential and commercial Duke Power customers. As usual, we offer these services at no cost to you!

Energize Indiana

Energize Indiana is an initiative administered by the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC). There are a number of utilities that are participating in this program:

  • Indianapolis Power & Light
  • Duke Energy
  • Indiana Michigan Power
  • Indiana Municipal Power Agency

This collaboration has enabled Energize Indiana to extend its reach across the entire state of Indiana. This program has energy saving rebates for Indiana’s residential and commercial customers. One thing that is unique about this program is they have included a weatherization segment to this program offered to income-qualified customers.

Our Involvement

Farrell Insulation works with the Energize Indiana team to provide insulation, duct repair and other weatherization services through their income-qualified program. Services provided through their weatherization program are free for those who are income-qualified.

Progress Energy

Progress Energy of North Carolina’s Home Energy Improvement Program is aimed at helping its residential customers reduce their energy costs by redeemed a number of available rebates.

Our Involvement

Farrell Insulation has been approved as a prequalified contractor for their Home Energy Program. Through this program we are able to offer our insulation and duct sealing services to residential customers. Because of Farrell Insulation’s business model, we are able to offer these services to Progress Energy’s eligible customers free of charge!

Other Affiliates

Farrell Insulation also provides a number of services for the following weatherization program administrators:

  • GoodCents
  • Honeywell

Energy Conservation Partnerships Across The United States

We understand that trust is an important factor when choosing a contractor or partner for your program. Farrell Insulation works with a number of energy conservation programs across the United States and we have listed them below.

Not A Conservation Group or Utility? No Problem!

If you are just trying to find out if any conservation programs are available in your area; simply find your utility below and select their tab. A listing of any energy conservation programs offered by your utility will then become available.


At Farrell Insulation, we believe that understanding every aspect of our industry is essential to our success. For this reason, we sought out some of the best minds with the best certifications to join our team and have developed a staff qualified to take on any energy conversation and weatherization project.

  • Advanced Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Certification
  • A.S. Degree in Electrical Power Technology
  • BPI Certified Managers and Technicians
  • CDSM (Certified Demand Side Management) Certification
  • CEM (Certified Energy Manager) Certification
  • Class A Air Conditioning License
  • General Contractor License
  • Industrial Electricity Certification
  • Local & County-Specific Insulation Licenses
  • Unlimited Electrical License