The Daily Progress Talks Saving Money

James Clements from The Daily Progress featured us in an article he wrote discussing Columbia Gas of Virginia’s WarmWise promotion . James notes that the WarmWise promotion has helped residential and commercial customers save over $1 million annually on their natural gas bills. After an interview with a member of our management staff, Tony Rose, A quote about Farrell Insulation from The Daily PostJames was shocked to know that we were able to provide him energy efficient upgrades to his homes, such as insulation andduct repair for free! James wrote “And to my shock, I learned my out-of-pocket expenses for participating would be $0.” He expands his amazement by explaining that there is no check payment or transfer of funds between the customer and Farrell Insulation. And he’s right! All the paperwork is done behind the scenes. Columbia Gas pays us directly for the services performed at your home or business. So all you have to do is sit back and reap the benefits. With an investment of $0.00, you can expect to start seeing savings tomorrow…literally.

To read James Clements’s full article head over to the official write-up.